This is a collection of yearbook spreads I created during my time on the Desert Vista High School yearbook staff. I worked on everything from photos to design to writing.

Connecting Generations

This spread highlights various parents and their children who have attended Desert Vista High School.

2022 Senior Superlatives

Nothing brings together a senior class more than voting on superlatives. This spread features the different superlatives in a unique way.

Defining the Future of Fashion

2022 is an important year for fashion. This spread highlights the trend-setters at Desert Vista High School and their influence on the fashion.

Embracing Uncertainty

COVID took the class of 2021 by storm as they were forced to navigate uncharted territory. This spread explores how the senior class coped during the pandemic.

Where are you going?

Starting a new chapter of life in college is exciting. This spread highlights various seniors and their post-high school plans.

It's the Holiday Season

Christmas can be an exciting time for family and friends. This spread showcases the many joys of Christmas and what students were up to on their winter breaks.